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Cool Roofs

Dark color roofs absorb heat and make our cooling systems work harder. Cool roof coatings reduce internal building temeperatures on hot days, reducing energy demand and costs, and improve the environment by reducing smog.

Con Edison has formed a partnership to promote NYC Cool Roofs, a program launched by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to reduce energy usage, curb global warming and lower local air temperatures.

As part of its role in the partnership, Con Edison by the end of the year will replace 156,000 square feet of traditional dark roofing on its buildings in New York City with cool, white roofing. In addition, the company spread white coating on the 25,000-square-foot roof of its Third Avenue facility in Brooklyn.

The partnership with the city also calls for the company to sponsor the coating of a roof atop a YMCA building. In addition, Con Edison will include information on the NYC Cool Roofs program in customers’ bills, and work with building owners participating in the cool roofs program to identify energy efficiency programs that could help them save energy and money.

The partnership fits well with the Con Edison’s overall commitment to eco-friendly strategies. The company has already installed nearly 250,000 square feet of white roof membranes on its facilities, including its headquarters in Manhattan, substations and other buildings.

To learn more about cool roofs, click here.

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